Peter The Penguin Pompom Christmas Tree Decoration by Jimjamsgifts

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Another Jimjamsgifts returning Chrismas classic Tree decoration! It's Peter the Penguin.

Let’s cut to the chase, we all know penguins live in the South Pole and couldn’t be any farther from Santa in the North Pole. They couldn’t be less chistmassy if they tried. But here at JimJamsGifts we don’t mind being a bit controversial with this little fella.

He is wearing a cute red scarf with a star on so chances are he may have got this from the North Pole, maybe on holiday, maybe from he got it off Amazon, we don’t know. But he certainly looks like he is putting in the effort to look like a Christmas decoration. So for this he qualifies a place on our tree.

Put him on your tree or give him as a gift or stocking filler to fan of Pingu, Batman or the popular chocolate biscuit of the same name.