Home Sweet Home! Pompom Doormouse gift set by Jimjamsgifts

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This is a bit special! Introducing Mrs Nibbles the Mouse and her very own Home Sweet Home door gift. This would make a perfect gift for somebody who is moving into a new home or someone who loves there home and family. Of course if you are lucky enough to have other Jimjamsgifts mice it makes a perfect way to to display them.

In this set you get Mrs Nibbles the Mouse, beautifully handmade from luscious white pompoms. She wears a handmade beaded necklace and hand stitched apron. And it looks like she has been busy in the garden because she is holding a daisy flower. She stands at approx 5 inches tall.

Also included is the freestanding wooden Door. It stands at approx 12 inches and has a working hinges door within the frame with brass coloured fitting and latch. The door is adorned with a hand engraved ‘home sweet home’ sign, another daisy flower on the base and a miniature version of Jimjamsgifts wreath on her door.

We love Mrs Nibbles and we hope you can give her a lovely new home.