Jimjamsgifts Christmas Mousehunt Childrens Game

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It's what you have all been waiting for, the Jimjamsgifts Christmas Mousehunt Game is finally here!

Yes you can now put on one of our famous Mousehunts in your own home with this very festive and fun Christmas edition game. As if you don't know already, the aim of the game is easy and is the perfect way to entertain your children when they are super excited and waiting for the big day or you need to keep them occupied whilst you are relaxing with a mulled wine and mince pie.

Just hide our mice around your home or garden and use the clue sheet provided to write clues as to there whereabouts. Hand the clues to the kids and send them off to find the mice. Depending on how hard you write the clues you could potentially get an hours peace whilst they search for the mice. Make sure to give them the adoption certificate when they have been found.

We are welcoming six new mischievous mice to the Jimjamsgifts family who just love to play hide and seek. Introducing, Holly, Ivy, Snowball, Cookie,Twinkle and Dash our six super cute and soft mini pompom mice that once found you can hang on your Christmas tree - to stop them running away again! 

All of our little mice come with their own adorable adoption certificate signed off by the big man himself...Santa. You will also receive one clue sheet and this all comes in its own gift box.

If you wish to customise your Mousehunt game with more mice, more clue sheets etc then get in touch as we are always happy to discuss any special requests.