Hope Rainbow - Exclusive Pompom Rainbow Wall or Door Decor by Jimjamsgifts

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The rainbow pictures you’ve put in your windows drawn by your children or grandchildren have faded, and let’s be honest are a bit rubbish. This would look so much better hung in your window or on your wall.

I’m joking of course. I’m sure that child tried their best... but if you want to be the envy of your neighbours with your show of hope and support then this is the wreath for you.

We really do all need a rainbow in our lives these days.

Introducing the beautiful new Hope Rainbow pompom wreath.

Like a puppy, this is not just for Christmas. Hang it in your window as discussed above, hang it on your door, hang it in your babys nursery or hang it in your office or workspace to let your colleagues know you are annoyingly happy and optimistic.

Subtle pastel rainbow colours arranged arching down to the white fluffy clouds and the exquisite pompom rainbow drops.

This took ages to make so apologies it’s a little bit more expensive. But it’s worth it I promise.

The rainbow drops hang approximately 40cm down.