Cotton Candy - Handmade Pompom Mouse Exclusive Gift by Jimjamsgifts

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Don't be fooled by the soft and fluffy name of Cotton Candy. She is the wild and most mischievous mouse in the Sunshine Gang. Cute she may be but innocent she is not. When there is trouble she is not normally too far behind. She is part of our exclusive mice made for our Easter Mousehunt and would make a perfectly cute gift if you were not lucky enough to find one.

Made out of pompoms made from soft white with pastel rainbow flecks, Cotton Candy sits majestically on her little wooden heart. At approx 5 inches tall her pretty colours run from the end of her cute little nose to the tip of her tail. All of our mice come packaged in their very Jimjamsgifts themed Mouse box.

Cotton Candy would make a lovely companion for any child (or adult!) on her own or complete the set alongside the other three Sunshine Gang Mice.