Pompom Reindeer Mouse Christmas Tree Decoration

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Go  Dasher! Go Dancer! Go Prancer! Go Vixen! Go Comet! Go Cupid! Go Donner! Go Blitzen! Go...who is this imposter in disguise who is trying hitch a ride on santas sleigh this Christmas? It's the Jimjamsgifts Mouse in Reindeer disguise!

This little mouse wants to be a reindeer so badly. So make his dream come true and hang him on your Christmas tree or give him to someone special as a gift this Christmas.

Made from earthy brown and beige pompoms this reindeer-mouse stands at approximately 5 inches tall on a hand engraved wooden disc. With brown and orange ear and tail detail this mouse wears the reindeer antlers with pride and don't forget the most important part. A shiny bright red nose to help santas sleigh find its way in the dark.

This decoration can be hung on your tree with the twine loop attached.

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